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What people say .....
"I've seen Kathleen Begley of Write Company Plus captivate her audience while motivating them (and me) to unexpected levels of achievement. I can attest that she is a joy to behold when in front of a group. She really knows her stuff."
President, Insurance Company
What people say .....
"The Write Company Plus customer service seminar was very interactive, informative, and tailored to our needs."
Vice President, Financial Services

Welcome to Write Company Plus
Soft-Skills Training for a Hard-Wired World

Write Company Plus helps individuals reach higher levels of personal and professional success by giving informative and entertaining training in so-called soft-skills communications. Founded in 1990 by Dr. Kathleen A. Begley, the firm has a passion for identifying and refining underdeveloped talents in interacting, speaking, and writing – all necessary to become a leader in today’s competitive, hard-wired world.

Write Company Plus believes that many professionals and organizations fail to realize that so-called soft communications skills are the key to earning cold, hard cash. In this hard-wired age, the ability to interact with customers on and off the job is more important than ever.  Soft-skills training is a must-do, not a nice-to-do.

Write Company Plus owner Dr. Kathleen A. Begley is a writer and trainer who has worked in the classroom and in one-on-one coaching with more than 10,000 Fortune 500 professionals. An expert in adult learning, she has a doctorate in business education. Dr. Begley has been associated with several of the world’s leading training organizations and has conducted training seminars and courses for Fortune 500 companies.

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