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"Kathleen Begley weaves real life business situations into all of her training and exercises, enabling you apply the concepts as soon as you return to your work environment."
Supervisor, Medical Imaging
Communications Training

Write Company Plus offers a wide variety of training programs tailored to busy employees and executives. To provide opportunity for case studies and role plays, most instruction is given in a classroom setting. In respect for your staff’s valuable time, we work closely with you to arrange classes in formats best suiting your schedule. We focus on five categories of instruction:

bullet Face-to-Face Communication: Despite the growth of technology, talking in the same room remains the best way to negotiate big deals and resolve disagreements involving high-level customers and large sums of money. In this track, we offer programs on presenting to groups, dealing with difficult people, facing conflict head on, providing excellent customer service, and contributing at meetings.
bullet Business Writing: As you know, people at all levels today write countless numbers of emails, memos, and reports. Few have backgrounds in English composition. We have a variety of writing courses including creating effective e-mail, documenting technical information, writing with less fear and more confidence, mastering global correspondence, and reviewing the basics.
bullet Diversity: Without innovation, organizations will be unable to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Our diversity curriculum covers topics such as creating an atmosphere of inclusion, interacting in the multigenerational workforce, mentoring newcomers, understanding multicultural issues, and using respectful language.
bullet English as Foreign Language: Fifteen percent of employees working in the United States were born in another country. They face immense challenges in day-to-day interactions in American organizations. We offer courses in writing American style, mastering U.S. business culture, speaking up at meetings, adjusting to immigration, and communicating on the telephone.
bullet Professional Growth: Today’s workers face endless numbers of tasks and challenges. To help maintain balance and productivity over the long run, we provide classes in managing time, addressing stress, staying motivated, increasing productivity, and developing leadership potential.

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