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"Dr. Begley seems to know what the students need and want. By combining education with humor and pace, she makes the learning experience a pleasure."
HR Manager, Consumer Products Company

Course Descriptions

Six-Pack Course Descriptions
Course Title Descriptions
Writing High-Impact Email Triple your readership by always inserting one magic word in your subject lines.
Embracing 12 Dimensions of Diversity Avoid cross-cultural misunderstanding by pinpointing the surprising sources of most business decisions and behaviors.
Presenting to Groups with Confidence Master the five levels of eye contact and more to fully engage your audience.
Using Body Language Effectively
Tap into the power of your gestures, eye contact, and more in 12 easy steps.
Creating High-Impact PowerPoints
Follow the rule of six to support your words with powerful visuals.
Dealing Positively with Change
Let go of the nine key reasons for self-defeating resistance and failure.
Showing Leadership in Difficult Times
Keep yourself and others motivated in crisis by mastering eight essential techniques.
Establishing Time Priorities
Control your own schedule by refusing to buy into the five kinds of false urgency.
Resolving Conflict Before It Escalates
Apply the best of seven strategies to resolve business disagreements.
Communicating in Inclusionary Ways
Navigate a diverse world with comfort by understanding 13 hot-button issues.
Interacting with Multinationals
Increase your chances for global success by using eight proven ways of communicating with individuals with English as a foreign language (EFL).
Contributing Your Best Ideas at Meetings
Raise your visibility by using 11 tested techniques to speak persuasively and eloquently at business gatherings.
Handling Stress Before It Handles You
Switch unexpected challenges to your advantage by reframing them three different ways.
Coping with Difficult and Negative People Evict destructive individuals from living rent-free in your head with 10 powerful behaviors.
Understanding the Impact of Personality Flex your style to appeal to the 75 percent of human beings with communications preferences different from yours.
Balancing Your Work and Home Life Identify and make public your four core values to ease frequent conflicts between professional and personal choices.
Asserting Yourself in Positive Ways Unleash your full-potential by uprooting eight common self-defeating messages that no longer work.
Motivating Yourself and Others Energize your team with nine self-talk scripts guaranteed to increase their productivity and engagement.

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