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Health-Care Training
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"Write Company Plus tailored its courses to our specific needs and business requirements. This made the training more relevant to the participants."
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Health-Care Training

Poor communication costs U.S. hospitals $12 billion a year. Write Company Plus offers training programs tailored to help. To provide opportunity for case studies and role play, most instruction is given a classroom setting.  In respect for your staff’s valuable time, we work closely to arrange classes in formats and time frames best suiting your schedule. Five of our popular programs are:

bullet Communicating Among the Medical Staff: As you undoubtedly know, fact-oriented medical professionals sometimes fail to grasp the importance of so-called soft communication skills, especially those beyond the spoken word. This class provides information on and practice in 15 strategies on using body language and other nonverbals to create better relationships and reputations.
bullet Providing Customer Service in Health Care: Today's patients are much more sophisticated than in days past. This class gives medical staff at all levels 12 easy, fast, effective ways to go the extra mile to satisfy customers and maintain a positive community image.
bullet Bridging Cross Cultural Issues in the Medical Setting: Across the United States, 15 percent of the population was born in another country; in urban settings, the number of non-native English speakers is much higher. This class helps health-care workers bridge gaps stemming not just from language but from 21 culturally based values such as differing perceptions of time.
bullet Resolving Health-Care Conflicts in Positive Ways: Conflict is not a problem; failing to deal with it is. This class empowers participants to customize 15 different strategies to the complexities of the situation.
bullet Dealing with Difficult Patients, Families, and Co-Workers: Compared to other industries, health-care professionals daily face life-or-death pressures and decisions. This class teaches 10 ways to calm and satisfy the most challenging individuals.
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