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"I hate theory. And that's why I loved the Write Company Plus class on writing e-mail. I learned 20 new techniques I can use today."
Account Exec, TV Station

Keynote Speeches
Fun. Focus. Facts. Audiences attending keynote speeches at your meetings and conferences undoubtedly are looking for these qualities. Dr. Kathleen Begley, owner of Write Company Plus, provides extraordinarily engaging and exciting talks that will win you rave reviews as an event planner. As in all her programs, Dr. Begley can customize content and timing specifically for your team. Our standard titles, which run for 45 minutes, are:

bullet 21 Business Communications Lessons You Can Learn from Your Dog: Accompanied by hilarious yet thought-provoking PowerPoints, Dr. Begley suggests that human beings can improve their interpersonal skills simply by studying and adapting behaviors of their beloved pets. Among key points are greeting people with enthusiasm and asking specifically for what you want.
bullet18 Cultural Awarenesses to Improve Global Communication: Many misunderstandings among residents of different countries occur because of a lack of awareness of key values held by certain groups. For example, many nations put great emphasis on time schedules, while others focus more on human dynamics. Grasping the differences will make you a much better global professional.
bullet15 Strategies to Get the Most Out of Face-to-Face Communication: In this technological age, many professionals try to network and problem solve using only email and instant messaging. Those techniques don't work in forging the strong relationships needed to get you to the next level. The secret to communication excellence is developing a toolbox of interpersonal techniques to use when you're in the same room or at a meeting with your managers and colleagues.
bullet10 Communication Tricks Women Can Use to Survive and Thrive in Business: Despite decades of research, women continue to sabotage themselves by slipping into nonassertive and disempowering habits on the job. Dr. Begley outlines a dozen ways to identify and break behaviors that may be interfering with your climb up the corporate ladder.
bullet7 Tips to Write and Communicate Better Even If You Don't Understand Grammar: According to Dr. Begley, you can improve your business writing signiticantly simply by applying mathematical and psychological principles to your documents. This talk delivers fast, painless, easy ways to write more effectively. 

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