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Six-Pack Training
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"I have never seen anyone get higher classroom evaluations for communications training than Dr. Begley."
Trainer, County Agency
Six-Pack Training

To meet the time and budget challenges faced today by most organizations, Write Company Plus has developed a unique six-pack communications training program. Essentially, we offer you the opportunity to select from six of 18 different soft-skills classes. Then we come into your facility and present your choices in 50-minute formats in a single day for one price. Each class includes original participant materials, PowerPoint slides, an interactive activity, precise takeaway points, and future goal setting. Suggested attendees are managers, supervisors, team leads, and high-potential employees. The topics, on which you can click for an abbreviated description, are:
1.      Writing High-Impact Email
2.      Embracing 12 Dimensions of Diversity
3.      Presenting to Groups With Confidence
4.      Using Body Language Effectively
5.      Creating High-Impact PowerPoints
6.      Dealing Positively with Change
7.     Showing Leadership in Difficult Times
8.      Establishing Time Priorities
9.      Resolving Conflict Before It Escalates
10.   Communicating in Inclusionary Ways
11.   Interacting with Multinationals
12.   Contributing Your Best Ideas at Meetings
13.   Handling Stress Before It Handles You
14.   Coping with Difficult and Negative People
15.   Understanding the Impact of Personality
16.   Balancing Your Work and Home Life
17.   Asserting Yourself in Positive Ways
18.   Motivating Yourself and Others

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