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What people say .....
"Kathleen Begley of Write Company Plus has a great ability to hold an  audience and educate them at the same time -- no small feat. She has a wonderful sense of humor so people enjoy listening to her."
Scientist, Biotech Lab

What people think .....
"I found this Write Company Plus seminar to be the most well presented of the many customer service seminars I have attended."
Accountant, Software Products


Write View

Write Company Plus published a e-newsletter called Write View. Past issues are listed below for your review. They are downloadable free of charge only at this website.

Past issues of Write View can be read by clicking on the appropriate download box. Opening the articles requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader.
Title   Download
How to Ace Your Job Interview
How to Appreciate Enough
How to Ask for a Bailout
How to Attract Attention
How to Avoid Elderspeak at Work
How to Avoid Self Sabotage
How to Better Your Life with Butter
How to Cell Out
How to Cheer Up Customers
How to Chill Out in Winter
How to Cling to Hope in Bad Times
How to Communicate Without Words
How to Cope with a Bad Memory
How to Cope with Medical Fears
How to Create Plan B
How to Confuse Everybody
How to Curb Holiday Spending
How to Dance Away Job Worries
How to Deal with Uncertainty
How to Depersonalize Rejection
How to Empathize in Business
How to Encourage Newly Jobless
How to Expand Your Vision
How to Fight Back Against Banks  
How to Fight Fear  
How to Find Business Opportunities  
How to Find Your Career Niche  
How to Get Paid in Business  
How to Go Back to School  
How to Handle Discouragement  
How to Handle Inheritance Blues  
How to Have an Office Romance  
How to Help a Friend Die  
How to Help Grieving Shop Owners  
How to Hug in the Work Place
How to Improve Your Handwriting
How to Learn from the Politics
How to Live in the Here and Now  
How to Look Forward to Death  
How to Lovingly Empty a Home  
How to Make Money in Bed
How to Make the Most of Life
How to Manage Stress
How to Manage Your Email
How to Muddle Through August  
How to Promote Humor at Work  
How to Promote Yourself Truthfully  
How to Pronounce Difficult Names  
How to Raise Quick Cash  
How to React to Appraisals  
How to Re-Educate Yourself  
How to Re-gift Shamelessly  
How to Redefine Your Career  
How to Regain Emotional Control  
How to Rethink Time  
How to Right Write  
How to Seek Balance  
How to Serve Customers  
How to Sleep Your Way to the Top  
How to Speak Easy  
How to Spot Impending Doom
How to Spread Gratitude
How to Spring Back to Life
How to Stick Together
How to Stop Men from Cheating
How to Succeed with Humility  
How to Survive Unemployment  
How to Survive Your Own Jealousy  
How to Talk to Doctors  
How to Take Dogs to Work  
How to Take the Train for Business  
How to Use Business Etiquette  
How to Use Twitter  
How to View Work  
How to Write a Winning Resume  
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